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24 October 2017A Day with the Royal Shakespeare Company
29 May 2018One Man : Two Gardens

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A Day with the Royal Shakespeare Company
Tuesday 24 October 2017

'from page to stage - see how it all works'

From the first inkling of an idea to a performance on stage a play has an incredible journey taking some 4 years to complete. Here we have a unique opportunity to experience some of that journey made so many times since the beginnings of the RSC in 1879. We will see how a play makes its way from page to stage at ‘The Other Place’ whereDirectors and Actors will explain their rehearsal process to us.

We will discover the way costumes and props used in rehearsal can influence the performance and take a peek into the Costume hire store to see how they are made.

We’ll also see what its like ‘backstage’ at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre and explore a production in more depth. So may have to stand around for some of the time … a shooting stick (with rubber foot) could be useful for some as limited seating is available.

A fascinating day that may change your view of theatre altogether and forever!

With coffee on arrival and a buffet lunch included. There will also be some time to explore the Stratford Theatre, visit the scenery ‘Tower’ or just take delight in the river Avon flowing
gently by …

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