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06 February 2020“THE ENGLISH FACE UNMASK’D”: Five centuries of British portraiture, material and techniques c. 1530 – 1960
25 November 2019Treasures of the Square Mile : an exploration of the heart of the City of London
21 March 2019Meet me at the Waldorf
27 November 2018A journey through and beyond The Emperor’s Wardrobe (Chinese Imperial Court Costume – Qing Dynasty 1644 – 1911)
25 October 2018West Mercia Study Day “Tinge it with Romanticism” The Arts and Music between 1800 and 1850
13 June 2018West Mercia Study Day - REVOLUTION 1917 Propaganda and Russian Art
02 November 2017Art in the Garden of God:
26 October 2017Power Propaganda and the Popes
09 February 2017Gainsborough and Bath
02 November 2016Is ornament a crime? How modern architecture lost ornament - and found it again
04 May 2016The Galaxy of Starchitects
07 April 2016Parody and Satire in the Operas of Gilbert & Sullivan
02 March 2016Ravilious, Piper & English Romantic Modernism
07 October 2015The Art of the Jazz Age
03 June 2015La Serenissima: The architecture and literature of Venice.
22 April 2015The Country House: Classicism to Chintz: English Country House Interiors
05 November 2014Contemporary Art and the Old Masters

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Five centuries of British portraiture, material and techniques
c. 1530 – 1960
Sarah Cove Thursday 06 February 2020

This Day of Special Interest describes how paintings were made throughout the ages, looking at the workshop practices of Tudor and Jacobean painters and their meticulous approach to the craft of painting, before the advent of ‘big name’ artists.


We will look at how artists became more prominent in the 18th and 19th centuries and the development of modern readily available materials and how this has affected the ageing of these pictures. The cleaning and conservation of portraits will be described with examples taken from Sarah’s studio, giving a glimpse ‘behind the scenes’ of the work of a modern professional conservator-restorer.


The talk is illustrated with unique images taken from Sarah’s own research and from studio- based conservation treatments. Many less well-known public and privately-owned pictures will be shown alongside works from the National Portrait Gallery and the Suffolk Collection portraits by William Larkin at Kenwood House.

Sarah Cove is an accredited paintings conservator-restorer, technical art historian and lecturer with more than 35 years’ experience working on paintings for the heritage and private sectors. She has appeared in several TV programmes for the BBC notably Constable in Love with Andrew Graham-Dixon and twice on Fake or Fortune? where she was instrumental in the discovery of 3 ‘lost’ Constables. Her presentations are lively and enthusiastic as she speaks without notes.

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