Future Short Talks

22 October 2014Arnolfini to Hockney and between
19 November 2014"Sex and Politics": the Italian Renaissance Marriage
17 December 2014Christmas Recital - readings etc.
21 January 2015Hogarth and Marriage
18 February 2015 Marriage in 17th Century Holland
18 March 2015The Pre-Raphaelites and marriage
20 May 2015The Impressionists
17 June 2015Victorian Marriage
21 October 2015The work life balance of a Victorian Artist Mary Thornycroft
18 November 2015Music of the Angels - a Celebration with many instruments
16 December 2015There will be entertainment at the Christmas Lunch
20 January 2016The Medici - Godfathers of the Renaissance
17 February 2016Mr and Mrs Charles Rennie Mackintosh -- a true partnership !
16 March 2016Japan....A Cultural Marriage in the art of Van Gogh and Manet.
20 April 2016Kandinsky - Two wives and a Muse
18 May 2016What to Wear
19 October 2016Monet - A look at his technique including his gardens.
16 November 2016Heritage - The search for a Vintage Collection
18 January 2017Venice for the Victorians
22 February 2017Venice Observed Part 1. NB This meeting is on the 4th Wednesday of the month.
22 March 2017Venice Observed Part 2 - Pillars, porticos, and proportions: Palladian architecture in England
19 April 2017The Art of Giving: Confraternities in Renaissance Venice
24 May 2017Titian: A Life in Venice
18 October 2017Introduction to Paris and the Ancien Regime with works by Elizabeth Vigee le Brun
15 November 2017Painting Revolutionary Paris. Jacques Louis David
13 December 2017“My days as a Bluebell Dancer in the Paris Lido”
17 January 2018The Death of Sardanapalus and Liberty Leading the People
21 February 2018Haussmann - Baron of the Boulevards
21 March 2018Paris - Modernity: The painters of Modern Life. Baudelaire, Manet, Monet et Al
18 April 2018La Belle Epoque
16 October 2018Amsterdam in the Dutch Golden Age Built by the Burghers: a revolving city
20 November 2018Amsterdam in the Dutch Golden Age Trade , Wealth and Morality
18 December 2018Amsterdam in the Dutch Golden Age “At Home” - The Dutch Housewife
15 January 2019Amsterdam – New York, New York! “Heady Times” – “Heady Lines”: Power of the Rich and vision of the people
19 February 2019Amsterdam – New York, New York! Benjamin Britten and Auden: “The Hymn to St Cecilia”
26 March 2019Amsterdam – New York, New York! Shops Parks and Gardens. The Museum Mile and a touch of music.
16 April 2019Amsterdam – New York, New York! The Jazz age and New York Legend Leonard Bernstein
15 October 2019Three Georgian Cities Bath Architecture and domestic living.
19 November 2019Three Georgian Cities Bath Gainsborough. Portraits and landscapes
17 December 2019Bath Breathing the air of better company Jane Austen and Bath.
21 January 2020Dublin Architecture.
18 February 2020Dublin Seamus Heaney.
17 March 2020Dublin The Abbey Theatre.

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Arnolfini to Hockney and between
Alexandra Davies
Wednesday 22 October 2014