Future Short Talks

22 October 2014Arnolfini to Hockney and between
19 November 2014"Sex and Politics": the Italian Renaissance Marriage
17 December 2014Christmas Recital - readings etc.
21 January 2015Hogarth and Marriage
18 February 2015 Marriage in 17th Century Holland
18 March 2015The Pre-Raphaelites and marriage
20 May 2015The Impressionists
17 June 2015Victorian Marriage
21 October 2015The work life balance of a Victorian Artist Mary Thornycroft
18 November 2015Music of the Angels - a Celebration with many instruments
16 December 2015There will be entertainment at the Christmas Lunch
20 January 2016The Medici - Godfathers of the Renaissance
17 February 2016Mr and Mrs Charles Rennie Mackintosh -- a true partnership !
16 March 2016Japan....A Cultural Marriage in the art of Van Gogh and Manet.
20 April 2016Kandinsky - Two wives and a Muse
18 May 2016What to Wear
19 October 2016Monet - A look at his technique including his gardens.
16 November 2016Heritage - The search for a Vintage Collection
18 January 2017Venice for the Victorians
22 February 2017Venice Observed Part 1. NB This meeting is on the 4th Wednesday of the month.
22 March 2017Venice Observed Part 2 - Pillars, porticos, and proportions: Palladian architecture in England
19 April 2017The Art of Giving: Confraternities in Renaissance Venice
24 May 2017Titian: A Life in Venice
18 October 2017Introduction to Paris and the Ancien Regime with works by Elizabeth Vigee le Brun

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Arnolfini to Hockney and between
Alexandra Davies
Wednesday 22 October 2014