Young Arts Projects and Children’s Trails

Every year, many thousands of young people across the country benefit from Young Arts Projects and Groups which are initiated and supported by The Arts Society. As an educational charity, one of the aims of The Arts Society is to encourage young people to become involved in arts projects; to be aware of our arts heritage and to inspire a lasting enthusiasm for it.


Children’s Trails (CTs)

Children’s Trail for The Parish Church of St Mary  (The  Minster)

The Arts Society Cheltenham has completed a Children’s Trail for The Parish Church of St Mary, Cheltenham  (The Minster).  Children’s Trails are intended for young people between the ages of 8 and 12, as an exciting way to learn about local history and culture through exploring churches and other religious buildings. The Trails are intended to be done with parents or teachers and they are a good resource for schools.

This is the first Trail to be undertaken by The Arts Society Cheltenham and according to members Pat Youngson and Sue Marlow,  who designed the Trail, it has been “a very rewarding experience.”   Whilst researching the Trail, Sue and Pat discovered many interesting facts , such as  during WW2 Cheltenham was the HQ of the US Army Services of Supply and at that time the Imperial Gardens was used as a lorry park.

The Arts Society Cheltenham is grateful for the support from the Church Wardens at The Minster and from the late Roger Jones.