Young Arts Project

Every year, many thousands of young people across the country benefit from Young Arts Projects and Groups which are initiated and supported by The Arts Society. As an educational charity, one of the aims of The Arts Society is to encourage young people to become involved in arts projects, to be aware of our arts heritage and to inspire a lasting enthusiasm for it.

Recently, The Arts Society Cheltenham worked with The Butterfly Garden (BFG), a local charity located at Dundry Nurseries, Staverton.  The BFG built an Arts and Crafts Centre and we provided a ‘start-up hamper’ with equipment such as paint brushes, pastels, papers and scissors.  On 26th May, I and several members of the Committee visited the BFG Arts Centre to chat with some of the young people who are benefitting from this new facility.  Amongst other interesting pieces of art, we saw a large papier mache elephant being made which I will photograph when it’s finished, for this page!  The Arts Society Cheltenham is continuing to work with, and support, the BFG.

If you would like to know more about the BFG, please visit or better still, go to the BFG and witness the incredible work that is going on there and visit the café!

Church Trails (CTs)

Church Trails are designed for children between the ages of 8 and 12 to encourage them to explore churches with either teachers or parents.  The purpose of CTs is to introduce young people to the architecture, art and history of churches and to develop further interest.

Sue Marlow and I are currently creating our first Church Trail at Cheltenham Minster St Mary’s. This is a hugely interesting project and we envisage schools and families enjoying the Church Trail experience in the near future.

This page will be updated as the projects progress.

Pat Youngson

Please contact us via the Contact Us link and mention if you are interested in getting involved with these projects.