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12 November 2019Art and the Industrial Revolution
08 October 2019The World in a Grain of Sand William Blake
10 September 2019New Lights: British Stained Glass 1918-2018
11 June 2019Canal History and Heritage
14 May 2019The Rivalry between Leonardo and Michelangelo
09 April 2019Temples, Tombs and Treasures: in search of the Queen of Sheba
12 March 2019Art Deco: High style in the Roaring Twenties
12 February 2019Victoria and Albert: art and love
08 January 2019Alchemy and Adventure: A history of exotic colour and poisonous pigments
11 December 2018Santa Claus: the art that turns him from St Nicholas into Father Christmas
13 November 2018250 Years of the Royal Academy
09 October 2018The Festival of Britain and its design legacy
11 September 2018Food and Art through the ages: from Renaissance sugar sculpture to 3D printing
12 June 2018Underground Cathedrals: the architecture of the London Underground above and below street level
08 May 2018Buckingham Palace: its history, occupants and contents
10 April 2018Twentieth Century Women Gardeners
13 March 2018History of the Medici: bankrolling the Renaissance
13 February 2018The Wilton Diptych and the artistic culture of Richard II’s reign
09 January 2018The Elgin Marbles: a history of meaning
12 December 2017Celebration in Ancient Egyptian art
14 November 2017Foreigners in London 1520-1677: the artists that changed the course of British Art.
10 October 2017Man Ray the Magic Man
12 September 2017Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera: the Golden Age of Mexican painting
14 June 2017Are you sitting comfortably? The development of the chair from ancient times to the 19th century. NB THIS LECTURE IS ON A WEDNESDAY
09 May 2017Rodin: the first modern sculptor?
11 April 2017Degas and the painting of modern life
14 March 2017Treasures of the turf: the fine and decorative arts of horseracing
14 February 2017Children’s Book Illustrations
10 January 2017‘Cool Painting’: the art of Piero della Francesca (c1410-92)
13 December 2016 A Dickens of a Christmas and God Bless Us Everyone
08 November 2016Birmingham Town Hall: England’s first true civic building
11 October 2016Charles Darwin and art on the voyage of the HMS Beagle
13 September 2016The Book as Art: form and function in creative book structure
14 June 2016Great Tarts in Art
10 May 2016British Art Deco Glass
12 April 2016Treasures of the Silk Road
08 March 2016Picasso and his influence on 20th Century British art
09 February 2016London in the 18th Century: The Terrace House and Garden Square
12 January 2016Goya - Portrait painter, decorator, print maker and war artist
08 December 2015The Christmas Story Illustrated with Paintings from the National Gallery
17 November 2015West Mercia Day of Special Interest Munich Metropolis with a Heart
10 November 2015Telling the Time throughout the Ages
03 November 2015West Mercia Day of Special Interest Dresden Today Art & Architecture
13 October 2015Modern British Silverware
08 September 2015Satirist to insanity: celebrating the bicentennial of the life and work of the caricaturist James Gillray 1756-1815
09 June 2015Plantation Houses of the American South
12 May 2015Contemporary Artists - Gormley, Kapoor and Wallinger
14 April 2015The Art of Waterloo
10 March 2015“The Pilgrims of Babylon” The Artists of Montmartre
10 February 2015Five Centuries of Blue and White Porcelain. An International History
13 January 2015“Costume and the Musical Stage”
09 December 2014“That Pretty German Toy “ - Musings on the Christmas Tree
11 November 2014“Sweet Thames Flow Softly” (T.S. Eliot) The Thames through Artists Eyes
14 October 2014Politics, Patronage and Propaganda : J-L David and the Napoleonic Adventure
09 September 2014“Picture This” –How to read Portraits in Art

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Art and the Industrial Revolution Andrew Spira Tuesday 12 November 2019

The Industrial Revolution had a profound impact on every aspect of the decorative arts, bringing commodities that had previously been associated with the nobility within reach of the ever-growing middle-class. Radical new inventions enabled an increased quantity of goods to be produced at a reduced cost, while also accelerating the manufacturing process. This led to the development of shops and entrepreneurs which led in turn to completely new approaches towards life-style and self-fashioning that continue to pervade our everyday lives. It also resulted in radical changes in attitudes towards nature and industry. These are reflected in a unique series of paintings by Joseph Wright of Derby which will form a key part of the lecture.


Andrew Spira studied at the Courtauld Institute and Kings College, London. For several  years he worked as a curator at the V&A and subsequent was Programme Director at Christie’s Education for 14 years. For over twenty years, he has been taking groups (including Arts Society groups) on visits to cultural sites in Russia, Armenia and all over Europe. His book The Avant-Garde Icon, on the relationship between Russian icons and Russian Avant-Garde art, was published in 2008. Two books on the relationship between art and personal identity, from the Middle Ages to the present day, are to be published in November 2019.