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11 February 2020Frank Lloyd Wright: the architect who broke the box
10 March 2020Bonnard’s colour: the alchemy of light
14 April 2020The Magnificence of Persia: the art of Isfahan , Shiraz and ancient Persepolis
12 May 2020Italy and the Grand Tour: the tourism of the elite in the 18th Century
09 June 2020Shaken by an Earthquake: the Ballet Russes and the astonishing 1913 premiere of the Rite of Spring.

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Frank Lloyd Wright: the architect who broke the box Anthea Streeter Tuesday 11 February 2020

Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959) is acknowledged by many people as America's greatest architect.   He was trained in the Arts & Crafts tradition, and yet by the end of his career in the late 1950s he was able to envisage a One-Mile-High skyscraper.   Fallingwater in Pennsylvania, New York's Guggenheim Museum and the Robie House in Chicago are well known.   But we shall also look at his visionary ideas for The Living City (1958), unbuilt yet an encapsulation of Wright's ideas for a modern utopia.


Anthea Streeter studied Fine and Decorative Arts in London and continued her studies at Harvard University. It was while at Harvard, where there was great enthusiasm for American design, that she became interested in 20th century architecture. Since returning from America she has taught courses in Oxford and London, lectured on the Country House course in Sussex, and for several private groups around the country. Her special interest is in the architecture and design of the 20th century