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13 March 2018History of the Medici: bankrolling the Renaissance
10 April 2018Twentieth Century Women Gardeners
08 May 2018Buckingham Palace: its history, occupants and contents
12 June 2018Underground Castles: the architecture of the London Underground above and below street level

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History of the Medici: bankrolling the Renaissance Douglas Skeggs Tuesday 13 March 2018

The Medici were in many ways an unattractive family.  Ruthless in pursuit of profit for their Florentine bank which had branches in every city of the known world.  And yet without them we wouldnt have Botticellis Birth of Venus, the Fra Angelico frescoes in San Marco, Donatello's David or the majestic Michelangelo sculptures in the Medici chapel.  This lecture looks into the turbulent history of this extraordinary family.  The triumph and tragedies, the intrigues and plots; the assassination attempts, the years of exile and their perpetual desire to glorify the family name in works of art, which result in some of the greatest achievements of the Italian Renaissance.

Douglas Skeggs read Fine Art at Magdalene College Cambridge and has been a lecturer on paintings since 1980.  He has given over 400 lectures to universities, colleges and art societies in the UK and overseas.  He has written several books and presented various TV documentaries.